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    HEY. YOU USED MY FULL NAME. Now, you need to remove my name and hopefully change that girls name all together or just remove the last name. Like... why would you use my full name? It's freaking weird and creepy and obviously you don't know me so why use my name? Take it off.
    Who Knew?
    Who Knew?
    Jaqueline Dester. Light brown hair that travels down to her petite waist. Big, green eyes that could mesmerise anyone who looked into them. The perfect shade of lightly tanned skin. Very pretty indeed....
    Dude I don't even know u! Sorry for the coincidence
    5 years ago
    I know you didn't know me and I don't know you, but I just don't want employers to see this since I'm graduating college soon. My last name isn't very common so... maybe when you write and you decide to use full names, you might want to make a Google search of that name and consider them. Or use a really common name or something. Good luck with your fanfics tho, be more aware in the future.
    I'm sorry... Do u still want me to change it?
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