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Thriller/Suspense author drafting outlines for a new Horror series. In the meantime is working on new Paranormal YA novel GUARDIANS OF LIGHT to come out next year!

Website: www.jackiesonnenberg.com

Facebook: Author Jackie Sonnenberg

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    Websites and social media pages

    Are any of you out there promoting your work on your own websites? Do you have a blog? What about a Facebook page?

    If you are I would love to connect and share likes. Find me at author Jackie Sonnenberg!

    I blog sometimes but don't keep up with it as much as I should. Do you blog, and if so, what do you blog about??
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    Good one!!
    Darkness (On Hiatus)
    Darkness (On Hiatu...
    They Greeks lied to us. Four elements; earth, fire, wind and water. No there was five. Darkness, their younger sister. Creator of many evils in our world and destroyer of others.
    Skylar Black
    4 years ago
    Thank you very much :D

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