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    The End of Week 3 - NCS Challenge

    Well, week 3 has come to an end and I wont be seeing any of my team until september. *Le cries* However, Team Edwards has designed an amazing campaign to promote healthy eating. It was interesting, to say the least. Carrot costumes got involved, strawberry seeds, tomato seeds and we even visited the BBC! On the last day, I took a load of selfies and group pictures. We have grown from strangers to family in a matter of three weeks and I'm going to miss my crazy crew. Over all, once again, it was an amazing week. And I cannot wait for September when we will actually be putting our campaign into action.
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    Want some CC on your movella? ;D

    Hey guys, I'm in the reading mood. So, I thought, why not read some of your lovely movellas. If you want me to read your movellas, please leave a link in the comments section below and I will get to it as soon as I can. It your movella is really long, please give me a warning before hand. In that case I will read a part of it and then move on.
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    I only have the prologue up. So it shouldn't take you too long to read. Can I please get a bit of feedback?
    i do, how do I post it to a comment? what ever. the name is A Younger Past
    I know you have lots of request, but I'd really love some feedback on my newest movella.
    hi :) I am wondering if you could take a look at my new Harry Styles Fanfiction ! It'd be really nice from you :)
    HorizonAngels belong to the sky.

    Have a nice day <3
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    The End of Week 2 - NCS Challenge

    Week 2 has ended and it was awesome! Stayed in a university residential in a flat with other members of the whole wave 'team'. So I got a chance to meet knew people. I had fun filming, editing and presenting a short movie clip with another 3 members. Our small group called ourselves Bubblegum Productions. We took more group selfies. But the best thing by far was going to a day centre for disabled adults who have learning difficulties an interviewing them and getting to know how they feel. It was emotional, but I have seriously met some amazing people. I was also voted project manager, so I had to lead the way to the centre and look after everyone at the uni and also go to conduct some of my own rules and games as well. So all in all, I enjoyed it as much as week 1 and I'll say Bring on week 3!!!
    J.K. PanesarAmbass..
    Go Team Edwards!!!
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    The End of Week 1 - NCS Challenge

    Week one had ended and what a week it has been! I went abseiling, rock climbing, mountain climbing, canoeing and camping. It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad to have shared that with Team Edwards. Our little group of 13 people have grown from strangers to family. Bring on week 2, where I'll be staying at a university!
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    Off for a few weeks... :/

    Hiyah Little Carrots,

    Movellas had changed a whole lot.
    Do I need to say more? Let me explain...
    There are some good thing and some bad. But what makes the bad things bad is how the people on here act. Honestly, there is so much drama and 'fishing for compliments' type thing going on. It's turned into more of a cheesy social networking site than the good old writing site, I've known for it to be. Movellas used to be my life and changed my life at a point too. In a way movellas saved me from myself. Now the more this website changes, I seen more negativity to creep in. Most of it is caused by the mumbles page, that EVERYONE can see. So drama gets started off more easily.
    Anyway, my point is, I'm going to be off for a few weeks hence the title. It's to take a break from this place which has turned really depressing recently. I WILL be back, and maybe when I do come back, good news will come and everything will be back the way it used to.
    But for now!
    Bye Little Carrots, and maybe see you after a few weeks. :)
    Pikachunicorn Ambass..
    Awh! I totally agree, but I'll definitely miss you, as I'm sure many will. See you soon!
    Yes, I agree with you. As, @[Pikachunicorn] said, you will be missed and I can't wait for you to come back.
    That's a shame :( Although I've only been a user for a few months, I've also noticed the drama creeping in.
    I think the longer the user has been on, the more obvious the drama is.
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