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Hey, I'm J.K. Panesar, but most people just call me J.K.
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Author Of The Year - 2012/13

Bronze award - One Direction Comp

Bronze award - Spooky story contest

Published Poem - Why I smile...

Bronze award - More Than This Competition (Trishna)

Runner Up - 1D and 5SOS Competition

First Place - Salvage Competition (Finding You)

DigiFestUK Fanfic Contest (Dream, Reality & Future)

The Forever Song Illustration Comp - Runner Up

  • J.K. Panesar

    mumbled "3 Years on Movellas! *Happy Dances*"

    This totally bypassed my mind, but since the 3rd March, I have officially been on this site for 3 years!

    So much has happened during this time good and bad, many memories made and many new ones to come. I just want to say a big thank you to all my fans (little carrots) and everyone that has supported me. I love you all! Hugs, kisses and doughnuts for everyone! :)

    ~ J.K. Panesar
    Molly Looby
    1 days ago
    Congratulations! :)
  • J.K. Panesar
    Hey there,
    If you change the title you might get more reads. :)
    New movella
    New movella
    Hey I know 5 SOS is awesome but Luke hemmings is something that nobody knows about I'm a model and a singer we both know each other that way
  • J.K. Panesar
    Hey there,

    First of all, can I just say how I love the way you used a play on words in your title. Awesome. You're blurb is interesting and hooked me on straight away. However, I noticed a few things that could be fixed up to make this story even better.

    Your tenses. I noticed that you switch quite often between present and past tense and this confused me a bit. I would recommend you read through your story again and select a tense that you are most comfortable working with. This may as well be the past tense because it is what we usually speak it.

    Show, not tell. At few points in your movella so far, you become lazy and tell the reader what is happening and not show them. Avoid this at all costs. The reader wants to be able to feel that they are there and they want to be able to dive into the story and they only way that can happen is through thorough description. Talk about feelings, emotions, the reactions to actions and their senses. There is so much.

    Overall, I love how your chapters are a good length and satisfy the reader with enough information (could do with more description when it comes to feelings). Well done and I cant wait to read more. :)

    Happy writing.
    ~J.K. Panesar
    Ex and Oh
    Ex and Oh
    Boys are stupid. Now I don't mean in the way as they get bad marks and fail at school. They are stupid when it comes to girls. No boy really understands a girl's mind. Imagine our minds as a vast,...
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