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I really don't know what to say about me... But starting this, I'm Brazilian. Well, I really enjoy write books and draw anime and manga comics ^^
My nickname is Panda because they are f*cking amazing!!

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    I was looking at the window, Lucas and Peter was fighting for fun and screaming about who wins. It was 2 a.m and Lucas's mother said for we sleep. Peter was pissing Lucas off and I, just angry with that two stupid boys, said for Peter sleep in my bed. O right, I know this was a strang thing to do with two boys, but I was wanting for sleep! He lay in my bed and I lay next to Lucas, his beautiful body next to mine. He was really next to me, I felt his breath next no my nose and I turned for the other side of the bed.
    What you think about put it on a book?
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