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I'm moon walking on planet moon

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    What was your:

    Last Beverage: Lemonade
    Last phone call: My cousin
    Last text message: My friend Claire
    Last time you cried: Today after school (don't ask why)

    Have you ever:

    Dated someone twice: Nope single af
    Been cheated on: No
    Been drunk and threw up: No lol

    List your:

    Favorite colors: lavender

    Last year have you:

    Made a new friend: Yes
    Fallen out of love: Nope
    Laughed until you cried: Yup
    Found out who your true friends were: Yes

    Found out someone was talking about you: Nooo......


    How many people do you know IRL of your Movellas followers: 4 (just created an account)


    First surgery: When I got my teeth taken out
    First piercing: My ears
    First best friend: Ocean
    First sport you joined: Soccer
    First vacation: Disney World

    Right now:

    Eating: Nothing
    Drinking: Nothing
    I am about to: Study for my math test
    Waiting for: My happiness to come back

    Your future:

    Want kids: Yes
    Get married: Yep
    Career: Graphic designer or Veterinarian

    Which is better:

    Lips or eyes: Eyes
    Hugs or kisses: Hugs
    Older or younger: I prefer older, but it really doesn't matter
    Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
    Relationship or hook up: Relationship
    Trouble maker or hesitant: Manley hesitant, but I'm going to the dark side

    Have you ever:

    Kissed a stranger: Yes lol, but it was forced
    Drunk hard liquor: No
    Lost contacts or lenses: Yes, it was the very first day I got my contacts XD
    Broke someone’s heart: Sadly yes
    Arrested? Eh
    Turned someone down: Yes
    Cried when someone died: No I'm heartless (yes)
    Fallen for a friend: Don't get me started

    Do you believe in:

    Yourself: It depends
    God: Yes
    Love at first sight: No
    Heaven: Yes
    Santa: YASS (no)
    Kiss on first date: Nooo
    Angels: Yup

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