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    mumbled "stole my heart(louis tomlinson fanfic)"

    Authors note: ok so before i start lemme say a few things, this is my first fanfic and i know, itll suck. Also i just gotta tablet for chritmas and im not good at typing on it really and i dont have a computer so there will be alot of typing errors, so just bear with me on that. Ok so also, they will stillbe living i the flat and all but they live in america and if i say why its a spoiler. I also dont exactly know how to use this site, right now its under blog but im sure ill figure it out soon. Ok along with the story

    "Georgia!" My mom yelled. It sounded as if shes been crying. I set down my clarinet and ran downstairs to my mom in the kitchen to find her sobbing.
    "Mom, whats wrong? Is everything okay?"
    "...N-No" my mom replied while burting out into more tears.

    What can possibly be happening? My mom is one of the toughest people i know. She didnt even let out one tear when my dad walked out on me and my sister, Addison, 14 years ago when i was 4. I was scared, i think this is the first time ive seen my mother cry.

    I walked over to her and brushed her dark brown hair away from her face. She gave me a sad look with her dark brown eyes.
    "Mommy, mommy, p-please tell me. W-what happened?" I asked starti g to cry preparing for bad news,
    "Sweetheart, i d-dont know how to tell you this but" my mom started as she burst into more tears "its just you and me now"
    I heard the news and started to cry so hard. I wrapped my arms around my mom and gave her s huge hug.
    "What happened" i started "t-to Addison?" I asked with a broken heart
    "She got...she got shot and lilled sweetie" my mom said as we started crying together

    Authors mote- yep sorry thats it for now. Its 2:17 a.m and im tired so yep goodnight
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