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Name: Izziie

Age: 13

Location: Preston, England

Favorite Twilight Movie: Breaking dawn part 2, New moon

Favorite Twilight Book: New moon

Favorite Female Cullen: Rosalie, Bella

Favorite Male Cullen: Jasper

Favourite Volturi Member: Alec (new moon), Jane

Favourite Pairings: Bella/Edward, Bella/Alice, Bella/Jasper, Bella/Roslaie, Bella/Esme Bella/Spencer Reid, Bella/Derek Morgan

Favourite Crossover idea (Currently): Twilight/Superhero's, Twilight/Harry potter, Twilight/Doctor who, Twilight/Criminal Minds, Twilight/Boondock Saints, Twilight/ The Lost Boys

Favourite Video Game (Currently): The Simpsons hit and run, the Simpsons game

Favourite Quote: The world could be against you. The world could spit in your face and say you don't deserve anything. You may commit a sin. You may hate yourself but know, I will love you all the same. Where ever you go, I shall follow. Love is inseparable.

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