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    Okay, so I need your help pretty please. I'm not really good with this app yet and I really want to read your movella. I've favorited it and it said I can't read bc 16+, which I am. How can I read it? I would really appreciate it! Please and thank you.
  • itstaylorbrooo
    Update! Sooooo good!
    Rea(s)on | styles a.u
    Rea(s)on | styles...
    [1] "I don't remember why I'm here." I panic. "They put you here for a reason. There's a reason for everything." © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified...
  • itstaylorbrooo
    Dude that was so cute! I love it!
    Caly doesn't trust anybody but her best friend Taylor and her gram after being dropped on her doorstep when she was little. But does she learn to trust people and try new things when she learns 5 cute...
    4 years ago
    Update soo @itstaylorbrooo
  • itstaylorbrooo
    Just so you know, I haven't read any of these movellas that say I favorited them in the past day or so. I haven't even read them! So don't pay any attention to it. Thanks!
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