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I like One Direction

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    My name is Melissa and as far as last names go lets say Howard? lol feel free to change the last name if you want, not sure if it fits it just popped into my head! When the boys auditioned in 2010 I was 13. I like to talk.. a lot.. most of the time, I'm very athletic, I like to think I can sing and dance, but to be honest we all know I can't! I have green eyes, and long brunette wavy hair. Im from the United States and my favorite band member would have to be.. Harry!
    and I no ideas, but I love the story! It's really good so far!!!
    Forget the pain.<3
    Forget the pain.<3
    "Forget the pain. Just forget the pain." he said. "Forgetting the pain isn't that easy!" I said mascara streaming down my face. "How is it not?" he asked. Rain messing up his perfect hair. "You. My...
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