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Hai Hai :D First Off o: follow mwah on twitta: @HazzaSayWhat . Also @jessicabriann12 ( @Directionerr101 a.k.a) because she is awesome. Dont call da cops on me...but i have 5 time capsules ready to keep 1D in ;D HEY! I am sure you guys are tooo x3. I was born in Unicornia and I have a problem wiff my horn growing too much >.> MWAH WEBSITE--> www.IDontHaveAWebsiteSoFuckOff.com go check it out ;D I also have a problem...it involves biting >.< I AM SO FRACKING BORED AGH! I like Fred, and 1D, and Little Mix, and Janoskians, and Perrie's hair, and Eleanor's face, and the fact that Danielle is a great dancer and that she scored a date wiff Leeyum o: My bestie Angelaa tolds me that Louis proposed and like..i am so confused!! I mean he is 21 but 5 years old inside tops and my mom said that if someone famous makes a family, then that person has to take a break from what they do..AND LOUIS IS TO PERFECT TO NOT BE IN 1D :O!!!YOU DONT FUCKING MESS WITH ZERRIE! Yeah I am too lazy to type any more so enjoy it, or go be a duck..and I hate ducks! Yew can be a spoon, so Liam will hate ya ;D So enjoy this 1970 letters ;D K bye!

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