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'You make smile like the SUN, Fall out of BED, sing like a BIRD, DIZZY in my head, Dance like a RECORED, Crazy on a Sunday night, You make me DANCE like a fool, forget how to BREATH, Shine like GOLD, Buzz like a BEE, Just the thought of YOU can drive me WILD, Oh you make me SMILE,' and that sums me up

  • its_just_life
    Please update or have me as the Co-author i love this story please let it continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Does he Know?
    Does he Know?
    Does he know.....why not...its gonna happen and im only here....for one more year...lets make the most of it
    3 years ago
    I'll update tonight if possible, it's good to hear that you like it and I will think about having coauthor, I've never done it before :):) love ya, thanks
  • its_just_life
    Sandra Kubicka
    Mr. & Mrs. [16 +]
    Mr. & Mrs. [16 +]
    Warning : Rated R. May contain sexual content even graphic, cuss, swears and all for the 16+. I did warn you. Google Translate might be 'very' helpful sometimes too. "There is nothing more nice,...
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