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Hi! I'm here for the mere purpose of writing stories to inspire and entertain you all!

It is very unlikely that I'll write an R/16+ story. Except one called Boys Vs Girls, where "violent scenes are central to the story." But my mom insisted it was misrated, so I decided to make it Y instead.

I've made sixteen Star Wars fanfictions and four Harry Potter ones due to how great those series are. I also have an account on 3 other sites: I'm Isaac T on Common Sense Media, IsaacBearAmmonPumpkin (one 'n') on Storybird, and FangStrike22165 on Pottermore.

I'm very glad to be on the site. You read my stories and I'll read yours. You fan me and I'll fan you. May we never lose our imaginations!

P.S. Unlike some accounts I can't always update right away. Just remember that I have plans for my life too and that new chapters don't exactly come flying out of my mouth. I need an opportunity to make it online, get ideas, and put them into detail. Just a reminder.

P.P.S. I agree with shaving monkeys sparrow; I would stand up for God. And I also see Singer to the max.535's point: Bullying can be misleading. To find the best of examples, visit her profile.


HEIGHT: 1.74 meters
WEIGHT: 67.5 kilograms
USERNAME: FangStrike22165
WAND: 13", fir, dragon heartstring core
HOUSE: Slytherin

SW CHARACTER: Luke Skywalker
HP CHARACTER: Draco Malfoy

BEST MOVIES: Star Wars & Harry Potter
WORST MOVIES: Spirited Away & Twilight

BEST SINGERS: Ludwig Van Beethoven & Rebecca Black
WORST SINGERS: Nicki Manaj & Justin Bieber

The Ten Most Underrated Disney Villains

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The Ten Most Underrated Disney Villains

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