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Brazilian writer, teacher and Jiu-Jitsu practicioner. Started writing just fourteen years old. Loves reading and believes that reading is the key to freedom

Actually, studies "Arts" at Unisul.

My objective is clear like water: I want to thrill people. I want them to love, to hate, to cry, to smile with my literature. I want to wake emotions that sleep deep inside of them.

Israel VeiraLiked just before seeing that. =DD
6 years ago
  • Israel Veira
    Just unbelieaveble. Perfect rhymes and writing. It's amazing how much significance and grace can be found in a simple tree. You showed us that.

    Just Amazing.
    The Chestnut Tree
    The Chestnut Tree
    My entry for the Love competition. The Chestnut Tree that allows the young couples to seek respite from the scorching sunlight and judgement itself, towers above all, and silently ponders the boundless,...
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