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Her face is freckly on the nose, her hair and eyes the colour of earth, and when shes deep within a book, don't disturb her else she'll give you the look!

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    I wrote a fan fiction called "Sparks Of Fire", as I was trying out Suzanne Collin's style of writing. Please take a look and tell me how I've done.
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    This is great!
    Voldemort's Granddaughter
    Voldemort's Grandd...
    Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan...
  • IsobelaLilac11
    Amazing! I spent the whole of December off Movellas, only to be greeted by more 1D stories.I'm glad to see fellow 1D haters.
    The Fight For The Movellas Throne
    The Fight For The...
    In the kingdom of Movellas, King Jordan Philips ruled over the people, and everyone was happy. Until, that is, the neighboring kingdom, the land of the Directioners, declared war. Townsfolk were forced...
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