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Hi, I'm a sci-fi lover, indie rock listener and avid reader-and am new to Movellas! Seems a cool place here. :)

  • Isla Marett

    mumbled "Isla calling in."

    3 years agoReply
    A mumble? I'm guessing this is similar to a tweet but I wouldn't know-being new and all. This place seems really friendly, so far, I'm going to explore it more now.
    Smudged Bandit
    3 years ago
    *whisper*please let me out*whisper whisper scream*
    3 years ago
    *sighs* Larry, I told you to keep your victims quiet!!
    Smudged Bandit
    3 years ago
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    *whisper*just because I pronounce it gif*golum voice, hush hush*
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