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  • isabella_horan-styles1839
    hi if you are a directioner you might like this stuff
    Fifty Shades of Movellas?
    Fifty Shades of...
    Warning: sex references. There's erotica all over this site. Sound okay? Not if it's written by kids. How dirty should your stories be? Why is it mostly One Direction fan fictions that are so explict?...
  • isabella_horan-styles1839
    isabella barboza and I want niall
    1D imagines :)
    1D imagines :)
    These are a bunch of different imagines about the 1D guys. If you want a personal imagine just comment saying your name, which guy you want and what you want it to be about and I will write it as soon...
    4 years ago
    Yours will be the next imagine posted. I will post it after dinner!! ~Sarah
  • isabella_horan-styles1839
    name: isabella barboza
    hair color:really curly brown hair
    eye color: brown
    powers: super strength, reading minds
    gifts:healing and the ability to tell the future . also my nickname is bella or belle and I want to be nialls mate
    Don't back down
    Don't back down
    Jess, a teenage girl, her brother, Tyler, and her best friend, Dust are running. They have powers. Each one is unique no one has the same power. While they are running they meet a group of five boys. Louis,...
    Lol my name is Isabella too and I Have really curly brown hair. We're like twins!!! :)
    Exactly we r twins cause we both like one direction
    Omg hey twin sis
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