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I am 16, and hope to be an actress, but i love writing stories and novels and hope you enjoy reading them. I'm also a Movellas Ambassador so if you have any questions just ask!

I love reading books, my favourites are The hunger games and the mortal instruments/infernal devices series. I may not be cool or popular but who cares what they think cuz one day i'll be famous ;) hehe jks, although you know it would be kinda nice. I live life for the moments and do what i like, wear what i want, anytime and anywhere because what's the point in living if you don't live? xx

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    600 FANS!!!!!!

    HEY GUYS!! I just realised I now have 600 fans and I just want to say, thank you soo much!!!! I'm so glad so many people like my work and i'm going to make an effort to come on this site more. As a celebration, even though it's gonna take me a couple hours, I'm going to update all my Movellas now!! thank you again xxx
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    My little brother and I are creating a music video in aid of cancer research, using samples of songs and doing our own version of the video, even including What Makes You Beautiful. We are trying to raise £400 and we need your help. I have created a Movella to keep you updated on the progress in making the video, and you can also follow our twitter account. Most importantly, we need your donations to help us raise money. Please even if it's only a couple of pounds or less, every bit helps. Here is the link to our Just Giving page where you can donate online

    and to receive updates visit our twitter page as well as liking, favourting my update movella. So please check it out.

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    Cancer Research Music Video

    Hello Everyone! My Little Brother and I are making a music video for Cancer Research, we are trying to Raise £400, so I would really appreciate any donations. I'll starting a movella to post updates on the filming, which you can also find on our twitter account so if you have twitter it would be really helpful if you could follow us and RT our updates. Thank you so much if you do decide to donate, it means the world to us. Please Please, Like and Fav my movella and please donate at our just giving page

    Will Cutler is fundraising on JustGiving for Cancer Research UK
    Help Will raise money for this great cause..

    Hello, how are u? Would, please, read my movella?
    Only Hope In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents....

    It's about Harry :D xx
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    Sony Young Movellist

    Last night, I was lucky enough to go to the awards ceremony for the Sony Young Movellist of the year, and incredible opportunity, offering a young writer the chance to become published. I had a great night and I have to admit the entries were amazingly original and interesting. A quick congratulations to Helen who won with her book 'The name on your wrist' xx I encourage everyone to participate in the competition next year as it was a great night and an amazing opportunity
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    it was in London, and I didn't see you either, but I was a bit shy so didn't really talk to anyone which is probs why xx and yh I thought her story was amazing and such a good idea x
    wow what do u do there
    Ah, okay. I hung around with Alix, Annie G and _Slenderman mainly, and not many others :p Yeah, it was brilliant and I really want to read the rest, though all the others sounded really good too!
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    yeah they did, I was surprised at how original some of the ideas were to be honest.
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    New movella

    Hey guys I have a new movella up, its for the lyric writing contest but it is actually a really good story that i'm exciting about writing. Please check it out, favourite and like, it would mean a lot to me! Thank you xx
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