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I am 18, and hope to be an actress, but I love writing stories and novels and hope you enjoy reading them.

I love reading books, my favourites are The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments series, as well as The Maze Runner series.

I have stories on here that I wrote when I was around 16 so they may not be the best, but I had a fun time writing them!

I have now started an account on Wattpad im_a_cool_loser where I have started a new story called 'Beauty and The Bad Boy' which you can go check out if you want to see my more mature writing, however I will not stop my ongoing stories on here, and I aim to edit all of them once completed to make sure they are well rounded out.

Thank you everyone, and If you want to visit my Wattpad account, here is the link to my profile:


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    Hey guys, I know I haven't been active in a while and this is hopefully going to clear some stuff up. I have deleted some of the stories on my profile, and I did this because it has been nearly a year with no updates and it isn't fair to those who are still waiting. I lost inspiration, and didn't properly plan where they were going, and for this reason the stories just seemed to fizzle out and I had no way to continue them. Therefore, on this site, I am only going to be finishing the story 'Waterbreather' as I do have a plan for that book, and i'm hoping to finish it by the end of the summer. I have also made the decision to edit 'Niall's Princess' as it''s my most successful story on here, and this I have decided I will do in a full day, so I will not have to take the story down and re upload, but will just go back and edit chapter by chapter and then publish them with the changes. This will mean more scenes, better character development and longer chapters. Once I have edited this story and finished Waterbreather, I will no longer create any stories on this site, however I will leave the ones already on here for people to enjoy.

    It's been two years since I began writing these stories on this site, and my writing now is much more mature. Because of this, all my new stories are going to be on my new Wattpad account, as I really want to try and reach out to more people and get my work seen more. It's nothing against this site, it's just that Wattpad has a bigger audience. I would love for some of my fans from this site to check out my new writing, as i'm very excited about it, and i'm sure many of you have Wattpad accounts.

    My newest book is out on Wattpad now, and it's called 'Beauty and the Bad Boy'. Please go and read it, perhaps leave a comment or give it a vote or two and I would really appreciate you guys helping me make an impact with my first story on that site.

    Here is a link to my Wattpad Profile: wattpad.com/user/im_a_cool_loser

    Here is a link to my new story: wattpad.com/story/6315919-beauty-and-the..

    Thank you everyone so much for all your support across all my stories, it's truly been amazing to be on this website, and it's unfortunate I didn't have the time to complete all the stories on here that I started, and i'm sorry if that let some people down, but your continued support throughout my new endeavors would literally mean the world to me. Thank you!
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    This is a great start to a movella! To improve I would say to include some more detail, describing what people look like, whats going on around them, where they are etc. but the dialogue is belivable and the characters are clear and well presented. Thank you for asking for my advice, it's clear you are trying hard to make the best possible story which is fantastic, keep going and you will have a nice little story. Well done xx
    I Won't Forget
    I Won't Forget
    I look at him, his blue eyes, his brown hair. Claire has that. He smiles at me, a little smirk, enough to make me want to run back into his arms again. Enough to make me want to put behind all our conflicts...
    1 years ago
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    Thanks a lot! I am trying to make this one my best, because I'm really enjoying writing it. I will for sure add more details! Shame you didn't read this one second later, I just published another chapter! Haha :)
  • Isabella Grace
    Wow. What a book! Having read 'Noughts and Crosses' I had doubts about whether this book would match up, but I have to say it surpassed it! Noble Conflict is absolutely brilliant! Malorie Blackman's writing has improved immensely, with a whole new world, new characters and as ever a thought provoking and exhilarating plot line. This book is a joy to read! It follows Kaspar as he bravely fights to protect the world he has been living in, but only for him to start to question whether he is fighting on the right side. It's an absolute adrenalin fuelled ride from start to finish and an all round master piece. This has definitely become one of my all time favourite books! The characters are relatable and the story has had me laughing out loud, holding my breath with anticipation and on occasion, causing the flood gates to open.
    There is not much more I can say about this book, but if I were to say one thing, it would be: Read it. It truly is an amazing book, especially for a young adult audience. Honestly one of the best books I've read. I would give it a 9/10. You won't be able to put the book down! Again, another monumental achievement of writing for Malorie Blackman.
  • Isabella Grace
    This book is a breath of fresh air. Normally I don't read these sort of realistic type books, as I'm more in favour of a good fantasy novel, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was fascinating to look into the life of a girl who had been adopted and to see the relationship grow with her long lost brother. It also really makes you value your family and look and think more about the life you live, how it will never be perfect, but you have to be happy.
    The writing style was unique and although at first hard to get into, really helped set this book aside. I loved the story and the plot and the characters were relatable. I started to feel for the characters throughout the book and really connected with them. For teens especially this is a great book and would recommend it to anyone who likes a good read. Overall I would give this book a 7/10. The plot was original and the characters were well thought out and put together. Congratulations Keren David for writing an excellent book.
  • Isabella Grace
    hey, I love your design! I'm just trying to upload mine but I can't for some reason, I thought there was an upload picture button for a chapter, but there doesn't seem to be anymore :( How did you get your picture of the design onto the movella? Thanks x
    Profile Page Design
    Profile Page Desig...
    My idea of a design for the 'design your own profile page' contest.
    J.K. Panesar
    1 years ago
    Thank you! And there is still the button. Just checked out your movellas and your design looks awesome. I love the theme and its really different. Best of luck for the competition. :)
    Isabella Grace
    1 years ago
    aww thanks :) and thanks for the help, turned out to be a problem on my laptop not the actual site, and yours looks so sophisticated and professional, I think it's great! :D
    J.K. Panesar
    1 years ago
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    Ah, that happens to me most of the time. I have to go on multiple devices and find one which works so I can upload some of my work. It gets annoying at times. Glad that everything is sorted out. :) And thanks once again. :)
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