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  • Iᴛ's Lɪᴢᴢɪᴇ Bᴏᴏ.
    I LOVE Tori! <3
    Dear No One
    Dear No One
    Dear No one, I've had a crush on you since forever. I need you in my life, honestly. The only thing that's blocking me is Kara. She's too attached to you...and she is killing me slowly. I just need a...
  • Iᴛ's Lɪᴢᴢɪᴇ Bᴏᴏ.
    My story is called President's Daughter. Camila Cabello is actually the main character and she playing Jackie. She's the president's daughter and Harry is a secret service agent and starts falling for her. :) Thx!
    Covers for Fanfictions!
    Covers for Fanfict...
    Title says it all! Cant think of a good idea for a cover? You've found the right place! Just comment down below the title of your book, a short summary of it (NOT THE WHOLE BLURB OF THE STORY), and whether...
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