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Why hello there, I'm Hannah. Writing is the one thing I LOVE to do.
I also love making people laugh, so I'd like to combine the two.

Oh, and I'd love to co-author with someone, so if you're interested that would be fabulous

  • ironicbanana
    I love how random yet true to life this is.
    A brief insight into the mind of a maniac
    A brief insight...
    As my entry to the diary competition I thought I'd let everyone see what goes on inside my head. Sounds relatively boring correct? Well I doubt any of you have started a thought on chocolate and ended...
  • ironicbanana
    I really like this, reminds me a lot of myself
    The Life of a Teenager
    The Life of a Teen...
    Not everything is picture perfect when comes to the life of a teenager.
    6 years ago
    Thank you!! I'm glad you like it :)
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