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one direction<3

Niall Horan <3
Harry Styles<3
Liam Payne <3
Zayn Malik<3
Louis Tomlinson<3

  • Irishcurls_onedirection
    can i have one pleasse kathryn and niall please xx
    This includes many different imagines. If you would like your name to be in one or you have any ideas for some imagines comment and i will try and include you name or idea.
  • Irishcurls_onedirection
    hi can i have one with Niall please
    my name is Kathryn i have blue eyes and brown hair
    i would love if you did one
    Just Imagine!
    Just Imagine!
    I do personal imagines, so ask away!! I just need your name, eye colour, hair colour and the boy you want!! Thanks guys!
  • Irishcurls_onedirection
    hi guys this is my first fanfiction that i have done so i hope you like it.
    I am trying to upload and write loads of chapters this week ecause i have a massive dance comp on 9th 10th and 11th of novemeber so i wont beable to upload anything xx
    If only they noticed
    If only they notic...
    Kathryn and Megan have been best friends since year 7 and are now in year 11 which is the hardest most exciting year because it gcses and prom. They are both having a hard time and thought life couldn’t...
  • Irishcurls_onedirection
    This is so good xx
    A great surprise
    A great surprise
    Hi this is my first fanficton so i hope you like it. Its about three best friend, Kathryn, Megan and Alyce .Kathryn and Megan after going to a one direction consert get a knock at the door, at 2 in the...
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