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Five things you can't recover in life:
1. a stone after it's thrown
2. a word after it's said
3. an occasion after it's missed
4. time after it's gone
5. trust after it's lost

Carpe diem & Memento mori carpe noctem

"I spent my life folded between the pages of books."


I love Shakespeare.

"I have sworn thee fair,
and thought thee bright.
Who art as black as hell,
as dark as night."

All Time Low<3

~Never lose sight of what's really important~

Favourite Series: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire & Immortal Beloved by Cate Teirnan

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  • IrishCatLady

    Too much fun right now!

    Having an All Time Low jamfest as I write new movellas and my school's new skit.
    Skit: a pokemon themed play where *PLOT TWIST* jessie and james are the good guys trying to stop ash from kidnapping all the wild pokemon.

    But seriously though, does anyone else here enjoy some All Time Low? C'mon now?!
    I've seen many members who like All Time Low, I don't remember who they are now... Oh, I'm here to say thank you for fanning me :) I may have said it before, but here I am, saying it again :)
  • IrishCatLady


    That awkward moment when you're sitting in school supposed to be doing worksheets on macro/micro molecules but you're on movellas instead and everyone at your table gives you these weird glances because for some reason your typing quite a bit on your computer so you just kind of have this awkward two second stare down before they look away...
    That awkward moment when you are typing and you feel someone watching what you are writing...
  • IrishCatLady


    I finally got 1000 reads on "Overcoming My Limits!" Thank you all so so so so much!
    Taken AwayHello my name is Aaliyah and im 19 years old. I have been in this orphangae ever since I was 10. My brother is Louis from One Direction, I miss him. My...

    I cannot believe people would do that. NO ONE READS THE BOOK IF YOU DO THAT. IT'S VERY ANNOYING. STOP SPAMMING.
  • IrishCatLady

    Be My Characters!

    Sooooo... well, this is awkward. I need lots of new characters for my new movella! Male/Female. Comment your details below yooooo. thanks.
    @[R.D.M. Goldlight] @[Betheny123] @[Parxdisexo] Thanks you guys! I'll definitely be sure to include you all! <3
    I want to be a character. Dudes that would be awesome. Okay? Okay. *cries*
    @adnorness gimme yo detailsssss
    Sure.. sure..

    Hi, I'm Dana! :D I have medium-to-long brown hair and hazel eyes. I wear glasses. I am 5'7. Umm... I'm in the band! I play the clarinet. My personality, at least I think, is that I am a very caring person. I always try to think of my family and friends; I love to give people gifts because I love the look of appreciation on their face. I am short-tempered, impatient, and sarcastic, but my friends love me anyways, so I guess I'm okay. My favorite movie is the lion king, I love video games and anime, my favorite book if The Fault in Our Stars. Did I mention I love marching band/band? Hahaha. ^_^

    I sure hope that is enough. xD
  • IrishCatLady

    John Green

    Tis true
    It was so well written though like omfg. John did such an amazing job making you believe you know who was gonna die but no. He fucked with all our heads
    And his other books like Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines make me want to rip my heart out! Oh, and Paper Towns. Let us not forget Paper Towns.
    I LOVE all those books. John Green is just awesome and there needs to be more authors like him.
    I haven't read any of his books except TFIOS, but I wanna read Looking For Alaska because I heard good things about it
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