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    I'm looking for more readers, I'm new to Movellas and I would love it if you could read my current book I am writing! It would mean a lot! Comment, Like, and you can even ask me to read one of your books, because I like to read new stories made by creative authors like you guys! Well anyways, I would love if you could read my current story!
    Thank you SOO much!
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    Hey you can come and check mine out, I will check yours own, and leave honest comment, please do the same for me :-)
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    I seen there wasn't any discussions yet, so I decided to start one! Haha (: If anyone wants to tweet me or something, my twitter is @MahoneIsSwaggy!
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    mumbled "A quote I seen posted on a blog that I looove! "

    "The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe." - Gustave Flaubert
    I really like this quote because it is true. While you are writing have you ever realized that you write what you want to happen, or you discover something you believe in and you write about it, which makes it seems like it happens while you write? When you write, your imagination, explores! It's what I like about writing. It's a way to express your feelings.
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    I really like Gustave Flaubert's quote, it's true, because while you are writing you seem to write about something you believe in or something you really want to believe in or want to happen. Your imagination just, explores.
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