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    Ru going to keep writing? U left a good cliff hanger but its a bit too long of one. Really want to know what happen
    Existance is Irrelevant {Stuck Between 2 Daddys Sequel}
    Existance is Irrel...
    Rylee here, soon to be Rylee Horan. I just got done with a pregnancy scare, a broken leg, and a fight with my stepmum. All in around 6 months. Cute, huh? Yeah, no. I'm not cute. I'm a bitch. Straight up....
  • Inspired98
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    U need to's a really good and intresting story!!
    Summer Vacation
    Summer Vacation
    Maddi is one of the quiet girl with a talent.Summer is coming up and there is a competition at her school a week before. Her frinds love One Direction so they all sign up for Battle of the Bands at her...
  • Inspired98
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    Keep writing!!
    Me, Myself and One Direction
    Me, Myself and One...
    When Jess and her friend Bree visit her dad down at London, they thought it would be a simple few weeks, until they bump into one direction and their whole world gets turned upside down. What will happen...
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