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I am innoce.

I like playing visual novels and otome games like mycandylove or just simulation games like the sims. Usually the games that I like to go for are rpg games where you can customize your character. I've gotten a bit into minecraft ,recently but it's no fun if I'm the only one in the universe.

My goal is to finish what I write, I hope I can inspire someone to create a video game or animation based off my work someday.

You'll find that most of my work are one-shots, not that I haven't tried to come up with another chapter- it's just that I always end up making it one as I can't imagine it having a continuation. So if you read manga it's like a oneshot?

You can find me on writerscafe.org as Bianca
on mycandylove.com as Grien
and youtube as Bisami Blanche
on gossip girl party as Grienice

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

by , Monday November 21, 2016
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I feel that I had to do this

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  • Innoce

    mumbled "It's been a while"

    3 months agoReply
    Since I've posted anything on this site. I have been writing but not much. I got a job finally! :D I don't really like it- well it's ok, but it gets me the exposure that I need to break out of my shell.
  • Innoce

    mumbled "In the dumps| Lolirock Music"

    8 months agoReply
    I'm usually always on the verge of being depressed or struggling with boredom, but it's especially disheartening when you show someone something you like and they're not as excited. I should be used to it, I understand we don't have the same interests and it's not like she completely didn't like it I think she was just tired.

    Also another thing is that Kissasian.com, kissanime.com, kisscartoon.com I looked them up and I'm not getting any hits, it was the only site I could watch my shows on without ads or anything. What will I watch my shows on now? I don't have cable and the regular korean drama sites have ads and slow rendering - I suppose using crunchyroll isn't so bad, the ads are long but it's tolerable sometimes. I'll be sharing a bit of lolirocks videos here I suppose. Maybe I'll even write a blog about it. When I have nothing to do I get so moody and sensitive to people's reactions it's crazy.

  • Innoce

    mumbled "Beacon of Hope"

    9 months agoReply
    That moment when one of your unpopular stories gets a like and a favorite. o.o
    Me: Yes! It's finally been noticed, about freaking time!
    9 months ago
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    I know that felling hehe :)
    9 months ago
    Congrats! :)
  • Innoce

    mumbled "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo"

    9 months agoReply

    Can't get this show out of my mind, I can't even watch other kdramas without thinking of So and Soo. Agh! So unfair! Why can't they both be happy?! Two characters that suffer the most in this show dammit, if I don't get a season 2 or an additional episode giving me closure. I'm going to have some serious heart problems.

    Don't you guys think(for those who watched) that Scarlet Heart: Ryeo should get a season 2? I mean if they weren't... what's up with the title(I know the actors said it would be the end but...I find that hard to accept) think about it. Goryeo- ryeo. Maybe second season could be Scarlet Heart: Seoul?

    I can picture Wang So in the future being an outcast of a rich family, a rebel who instead of riding horses, rides a bad-axe* motorcycle like a modern prince of the night.... oh, why do I do this to myself?!
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