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    Oh my gosh, I feel soo sad and sorry for your loss of your mom! I mean I could never imagine my life without my mom! So I hope she's stays peacefully in heaven and you'll be in my prayers tonight! And why did she die????? P.s. love the new chapter, big fan btw!!! Mwauh, iNicoleJB :*
    This Love Lasts for an Eternity (Sequel to One Last Kiss)
    This Love Lasts...
    Can we get a plot twist?! PLOT TWIIIIIIIIIIST! ~Brooke xx
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    Hey my readers, I just wanna shout out that I will be deleting my movella, Summer in Paradise with You. I just don't like the main idea of the story anymore, It doesn't have cling to me anymore. So i will be posting a romance movella about Zayn in the future at some point. So please dont hate for this. But ya, life moves on....and on....well i got to go. Byyyeee my readers! Mwuah! :* :)
    - iNicoleJB
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    Your last name is Jeigh. And my name is Nicole and can I have one with Zayn?
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (15+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    Sexual One Shots on all the boys:) 15 and above due to the sexual frustrations. All the one shots in this movella do not belong to me, they belong to the tumblr blog > 1dsexualfrustrations.tumblr.com
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    Slut like you - 15+
    Slut like you -...
    The trailer pretty much says it all but; Holly takes to USA to take a break from everyone and everything. She wants to relax, enjoy life and all that yolo shit. She decides to have just as many one night...
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