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    OMFG! i swear to god if you don't update NOW i will throw my laptop out the window and scream as loud as i can!! this is all i have been waiting for and all i have been thinking about at school! i continue to check if its updated but its not! you're killing me you're really Killing me girls! i just cant take it anymore! im gonna die! ohh yeah just mind me while i go die in a hole with my laptop waiting for this chapter to be updated!!!!!! please update im dying here! helloooooo!!!! my whole fricken life revolves around one direction and waiting is not an option for me so i hope you make the right decision and update before i dieeeeeeee!!! waiting for you is killing me!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! i love the book and i need to know what happens before i die! being in year 11 in a small city called Adelaide isn't helping!!! i need to read the book before i cry!!!!!!!! errrrr! as you can see i have nothing better to do right now then to wrote this but nooooooo i could be reading Little White LIes but noooooooooooooo Mirella and Olivia decide to forget about meeeeeee!!!!!!!!! just excuse me while i go dioe in the corner like a loner with my laptop with a hundred pictures of harry styles surrounding me!!!! aghhhhhhhhhhh omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg welllllllll so to sum that all up! UP THE FUCK DATE!!!! thankyoou girlls! love yaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwa!
    Little White Lies
    Little White Lies
    Did you ever think one decision could change your life? That one decision or one mistake could follow you forever. Join Liv and Sarah on a journey of unexpected surprises, tragedies and big decisions....
    4 years ago
    AHAHAH!! hey there sweets! Gonna start off by saying that you just made out day :D We are so so happy to hear that you are enjoying the book , that is so great to hear! Sorry that we are keeping you waiting we are trying really hard to get some more chapters completed but our work load has been massive and its getting harder to find time to write. We will be updating shortly we are just trying to get a few more chapters done first so time between updates is reasonable :) Also we are thinking of putting this book up on wattpad so if you have an account of know anyone with it make sure you keep posted so you can get people to show their support!
    Keep checking it shouldn't be long now until the next update!
    xxx Kisses
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