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~Jane Do, I dont really know ya but I know fo sho that you are beatuiful~ JaneDo-NeverShoutNever
~Tonight lets get some and live while were young~LWWY-OneDirection
~Like the ceiling cant hold us~ Cant Hold Us- macklemore
~Sticks and stones might break my bones but chains and whips excite me~ S&M-Rihanna
~I got my ticket for the long way round~ The Cup song-PitchPerfect
~God gave me you for the ups and downs~ God gave me you-Blake Shelton
~Hey I just met you and this is crazy! Heres my number call me maybe~ Call Me Maybe-Carly Rea Jepson
~Baby if you were a song you make me roll my windows down and cruise~ Cruise-Florida Gorgia
~Baby, Your an animal its in your nature~ Blurred Lines-Robbin Thicke
~Were up all night to get lucky~ Get Lucky-Daft Punk

  • ImThePrettyFreak
    Hey! You seem busy... So I would like to know if your want to keep going with finally awake or not.. Because you seem way busy with your story's.. So I was just wondering
  • ImThePrettyFreak
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    Don't end it! Rock me was the first ever story I ever read on here and it's really special to me! And I would like to co-author.. Even tho I'm a bad writer.. I would love to
    Teenage Runaway (Sequel to 'Rock Me')
    Teenage Runaway...
    **Sequel to 'Rock Me'** I have been living alone for 1 year now waiting for their tour to be over so I can see them again. I have been on the run from the paps and all my friends. Then I met Logan. He...
    5 years ago
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    Thanks but I really think I am, I try to write my best but it ends up coming out childish... Try reading my book finally awake..
    5 years ago
    Haha are you kidding my book has 670 views and it only has 14 favorites
    5 years ago
    My book only has like 2 favorites
  • ImThePrettyFreak

    mumbled "And This Is Me Trailer"

    I've been judged a lot! So I've decided to write my own Auto Biography because your not suppose to judge a person until you know their story so judge me after the story ends!
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