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''You blew it, John! Never interrupt a man in the middle of a duel! I had 'im! That's what gets me: I had 'im! I had 'im!''

'' Tonight, we dine, in Hell!! ''

Fan of Video Games Company The Creative Assembly owned by Sega based in Sussex.

Welcome, Welcome, indeed. This is my profile page, it has stories and my favorite ones. Usually I do it so you can enjoy them. I love writing and I can never leave the passion for it. It is the very fabric of life. I do aim to get published at the right time, the right moment, the right opportunity when I have completed my further stuides and then think its the right time to send it. Though I'll recieve a lot of rejections, and then finally get a publisher, and I'm 100% committed in this.Though of I am little talent, my writing I hope you enjoy. My main specialty is Historical Fiction but I've written in many other genres as well. Fantasy is my favorite, especially Victorian steam punk. I'm a avid gamer, so anything about video games, we can have a chat about it and a fan of history?Debate?Definitely! So enjoy what you see here, and if there's anything wrong in my stories, tell me and I'll fix it.

If you'll note, the name is Chinese.

And no I am not Clint Eastwood.

I've changed my profile name various times before, if you don't remember me, here it is:

Zhuge Liang
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
The Marshall
Danny Ocean
Clint Eastwood

I guess thats it really, so I always change my profile every two or three months.

You may have noticed that I like things a little too much, well my interests lie in History, I like playing stragety games, like Takeda or Total War, that is if you've ever heard of tehm. My history range lies within the spectrum of Asian History as I find it more fasincating, even Napoleonic history. But enough of that boring stuff, have a look and read through and enjoy your time.

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    100 fans!

    Well I've officially reached the mark, 100 fans! Thanks to all those who have supported me in my books, liking and commenting them. Right now my current occuaption is finishing this epic fantasy novel that I have with me, called Hulksuru. Once I get that done, I will cut it down to pieces and make it read worthy. Anyway, thanks for all the support, comments and feedback you've all given. More will come!
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    My review: Tyrant, Destroyer of Cities

    This is simply one of the best historical fiction novels set in the historical era. Focusing on the split up of Alexander's Empire, these novel focuses on the Generals who fight and squabble with each other for land. This novel is quite simply put; one of the best for any Hellenistic setting. Its accuracy on warfare is quite simply amazing. The descriptions are some of the finest I've read and the Hellenistic Era( as well as the Roman Era) are some of my favorites for novels. With excellent dialogue, the story itself transports you into the world of the Diadochi Era( name given when Alexander's Generals fought each other to be '' successors'' to his great empire.)

    One of the striking things about this is, is the character Satryus, King of the Bosporus that is threatened by his neighbors who look to bully him and subdue his Kingdom. Angtioned One Eye, the oldest General of Alexander's army aims to consolidate his hold on Asia, while Ptomely of Egypt however stands in his way, If you've read the novels, you'll know Satryus and his sister Melitta have transformed from becoming mere children, to Kings and Queens. Melitta is now the Queen of the Assageate, and the novel explores the conflicts between the emerging steppe hordes that would sooner or later be present during the Roman Era.

    Without revealing much, this novel is also is very similar to the siege of Troy. It depicts the struggles, the sacrifices of so many good men dying, and the themes of friendship/brotherhood/friendship. You get a real sense of loyalty in this novel; including some of the more ambitious people that want to use this situation to defend their personal lives or whatnot. The style of warfare is accurate and is a must to watch. More importantly its also good because the authors stresses on the individuals as well as the organized armies. He's achieved the right mix of balance here and you will notice not getting bogged down upon military history; he's got the perfect blend for it.

    It has excellent description and wonderful dialogue. Recently I had been writing a chapter in my novel and all I kept writing was '' missiles exploding, the ominous low rumble of the walls crumbling as the screams of dying men could be heard''. That was about it. Cameron wrote '' the walls rumbled down, crushing a hundred Rhodian citizens''. Not accurately correct, but it'll suffice. I'd like to highlight the key words he used as I need to improve that scene, but it helped me improve A LOT. But anyway, the way he wrote that siege felt like a very long siege; just like Troy all over again. It was simply one of the best novels; I felt for Satryus and Amastris betrayal.

    Never before in this novel will you mourn such a large cast of characters; and there are many in the novel. But do not be daunted; the author handles it impressively maintaining a strict balance and gives mostly equal amounts of time for the reader to get involved with the characters. In the first half of the novel you will notice its mostly sea battles though they have never been my interest. The way in which they are fought however, and the way in which they are written almost blew my eyes away. Very powerful writing done here. And when the siege chapters comes, be surprised to be blown. Its got an excellent mix of politics and warfare and reminds us that the Greek scholars at that time didn't care for individuals; they just thought of the masses. It was a very fractured society and if you've learnt Greek History, you'll know they never get along with each other, except the Pelopnessnian war. It was the very same reason the Romans managed to conquer them as they formed alliances and betrayed them. Divide and rule is the policy they used and many other empires did this as well. But the way Greek politics is depicted however is awesome. I would say this finally: This is simply put; one of the best. Watch for this new contender here.
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    Interesting update

    Hey there all, now I don't use the site as much as I used to due a lot of stuff happening; exams are coming soon and I've been focusing on that for a while anyway. I'm lazy I know that, all I do now is just revise and revise and revise, plus having a little break to myself. But all those who read Hulksuru, there's a massive update coming your way. Its based on Raganrok and so far the chapter is nearly finished, but its very LONG. I'd need to split it in more chapters than ever. So stay tuned, the chapter will at least be rewritten, and edited for a long time so please bear with me. But what it has got in it is politics/civil war/more culture specific about the faction to get you involved, personal stories, betrayals, war,loyalty,brotherhood and so on. Epic sieges and the characters finally becoming what they are. So that's the big update that is coming but it will take a while, for once finished it will need rediting, and ye s, I am glad to say images will be making a return and soundtracks will be put in, though some may be repeated for max effect. Tell me what you think of it! But that will be in a while.

    Now, I signed up to this publishing guide just to get the this free guide. And here's what I got:

    Thank you for recently contacting Xlibris and for showing interest in publishing your book.

    My name is Ely Rivera, a Publishing Consultant of Xlibris (Author Solutions LLC – A Penguin Random House Company). I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, or to provide you with the information you need regarding our Self-Publishing services.

    We have several programs that we could offer you. If your book is not yet finished, do not worry, we do not set deadlines. First, I would like to ask for more details about the book you are writing so that I can focus on the essentials for you and your book.

    Please answer the following questions:

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    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Ely Rivera

    What do you guys think I should do? Reply to her? I don't feel ready yet. Heck I'm not even a published author yet! What would you do if you got the email guys?
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    From now on no will use my name as a character in their stories. None of my original user names are to be used and without the express permission of my consent will you write it. Even if my name is changed I will not tolerate it unless you ask me to do so.
    Hopeless Wanderer
    Wonderful! Should we do it over email or chatting over a co-authored movella here?
    The Desert Wanderer
    Email would be best for me now, thanks :)
    Hopeless Wanderer
    okie doke, I will get right on it.
    The Desert Wanderer
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    First on historical fiction list!

    Well I'm stumped, it's no.1 on the historical fiction list. Thanks to all those who enjoy the story as there will be future updates on this.

    Thanks again

    Mirthadres and JupiterIt is the year 161 AD. 50 years have passed since the time of the Roman Republic, when Marcus Linius Crassus and his legions were defeated at Carrhae,...
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