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hello, there :3

annabeth (aka beth) (n); an aquarius. borderline emotionally unstable when it comes to fictional characters, and verging on the line of mentally insane. An imagination that you could drown in, and a tendency to expect too much.
i love acting, writing, singing and dance (i take ballet) and i most likely suck at all of them. i love art also, and spend a lot of time drawing people. when i grow up, i want to be an author – my back-up plan is to dress up as a princess and work at disneyland.
i ‘ m i n l o v e w i t h . . .

❥ jamie campbell-bower
❥ lily collins
❥ jennifer lawrence
❥ tom hiddleston
❥ benedict cumberbatch
❥ lana del rey
❥ emma watson
❥ ryan gosling
❥ sleeping with sirens
❥ all time low
❥ my chemical romance
❥ matt smith
❥ logan lerman
❥ vintage
❥ my ships x3
❥ white roses
❥ coffee and lazy mornings
❥ paris
❥ chocolate
❥ cats!

‘‘cut cakes, not wrists’’.
don't be afraid to message me - i'm here for anyone who needs somebody to listen. ❤

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