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Name: Ilana <3
Fave animal: Wolf and lion
Fave book: Harry Potter
Fave show: Stranger Things
Fave color: I love all colors <3
"Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you cant have a rainbow, without a little rain."
"Thank you Captain Obvious." "Your welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm.

♫ Paste this on <3
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♫ music. <3

"Live life like there's no tomorrow"

Put this on your
page if you have
ever pushed a
door that said pull.
**I hate when that happens**

i didn't fall, i was testing gravity..... it still works.
Dumbledore: ' Remember students, all Voldemort really needs is a hug."
i didn't hit you. i simply hi-fived your face.
yeah. I'm a loser. But i'm the coolest loser you'll ever meet.
Anyone can get hit by a moving car. It takes skill to be hit by a parked car.
Me? Sarcastic? Nooooo
<3 Love <3 is love <3 is love<3
Hater of Trump
Feminist <3

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    mumbled "well ok"

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    just found out that I'm moving and changing schools... kinda nervous because I've never been "the new kid" at school so can anyone give me advice...? thanks... :) <3
  • Ilyushka
    1 weeks agoReply
    Haha, I love it!!!
    Younger and Way Less Lucky: If You Can't See Where it Keeps It's Brain
    Younger and Way...
    Book One in the Younger and Way Less Lucky series Let's say, just for a minute, that Lily had given birth to a second child just before she was murdered. Let's say, just for a minute, that Harry had a...
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    mumbled "On Movellas for 1 year!"

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    i have officially been writing on Movellas for 1 year! I have gained 160 followers if this year. I remember when I got my first follower, and how shocked I was that she/he enjoyed my writing! Thank you so much for this experience, and I look forward for the next year!
    Beautifully lonely❤️
    your welcome!!
    1 weeks ago
    U go girl
    1 weeks ago
    Thank you @[雪Yuki] !
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