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The name says it all :)

  • I_Love_Luke_Hemmings

    mumbled "Some People!"

    Some people just make me so mad! I mean really drop it! No one cares! biggest headache ever! Oh and the other crap was complete… well.. CRAP! you totally should have made the team this. Is. SCREWED!
  • I_Love_Luke_Hemmings

    mumbled "NEW MOVELLA!!1"

    YEPPERS NEW MOVELLA! This one is about, wait for it. DALTON RAPATTONI! Yeppers Dalton Rapattoni! It should be pput up very soon but I need your opinion. Which one of these covers do you like better?
  • I_Love_Luke_Hemmings

    mumbled "3,580 words?!?!"

    Yep, thats right that last chapter was 3,580 words and had to be made into three parts! Wow! deffenatliey the chapter me and @[Niall'sPrincess19] are most proud of! Thank you to all who read!
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