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Life sucks. Is that really what makes those exceptionally good moments worth living for?

Death to Writer's Block. Death to Homework. Death to school. Death to School nights. Death to anything that begins with the letter "x" (long story.) Death to love. Death to life.

How gruesome.

I didn't really mean for the to sound so depressing, but sometimes that's just how it feels yeah?

Also, I think I have a thing for guys with blue hair.

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    Quote 1: Dumbledore; The Prisoner of Azkaban
    Quote 2: Fred/George/Harry (used to access the marauder's map); The Prisoner of Azkaban (Mostly)
    Quote 3: Hargid; book 1
    Quote 4: Dumbledore; The Sorcerer's Stone
    Quote 5: Dumbledore/Snape; The Deathly Hallows
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    I got Hogwarts robes for Christmas last year. They were so special because I had just been begging my mom for Hogwarts robes three months earlier at universal studios and she hadn't gotten them for me. She had put up a real good argument about why we shouldn't get them. It was super exciting when I actually got them.
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    D, Never tickle a sleeping dragon
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