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My name is Ellie Marie "Malik". I love to read books and comment.. I LOVE Hailey<3Barron and DestinySkyStyles. They are so talented at writing. If they followed me! It would be a dream come true. ..

OMG DestinySkyStyles followed me on 3/14/13 !!!!!! I love her!! and Hailey! LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

OMGGGG . - Hailey<3Barron FANNED ME ON /3/15/13 !! <3

  • ILoveHaileyAndDestiny!
    AMAZING. Make more please ?
    A Final Destination Story
    A Final Destinatio...
    (Bassed off of the movies Final Destination) When a Grade 8 class goes on a feild trip theres a terrible accident. Screams, blood, and death is involved. One girl in the glass sees the incident before...
  • ILoveHaileyAndDestiny!
    SO great! Thanks SO much for updating!!! PLEASEEE FAN ME! IT would mean the WORLD to me!! :D I LOVE U and DESTINY
    Life as A Junior
    Life as A Junior
    Emily and Beth have been best friends since grade three, now they are facing one of the hardest years of life. Junior High, these girls have to survive the crazy life as becoming tennagers is really hard....
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