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    Hai, my names Elizabeth I have light brown hair with dark chocolate brown eyes I am really shy but I love to hand out with my friends and go shopping and I also play piano and guitar my fave 1D member is Zayn (: thx and I LURV YOUR MOVELLA PLS UPDATE!!! Oh yea and I'm crazy :P
    You and Me
    You and Me
    This is my first book on movellas. I hope you like it.
    5 years ago
    Cool i might also need you to help me write it and who would be better than the subject herself if you fan me you can be a cowriter necause i can only request my fans as cowriters
    5 years ago
    *because not necause
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    Zayn and Elizabeth plss!
    ♡ One Direction Imagine's ♡
    ♡ One Direction...
    if you want one don't comment here on this movella comment on my only other one its part two of this because i felt like this one is filled with as much as it can. thank you cutie. love you.
  • Ilovedjmalik
    Elizabeth and Zayn plss! Thx
    One Direction Imagines & Preferences !
    One Direction Imag...
    Just a bunch of preferences ! imagination is key ! (: AND IS NOW DOING PERSONAL ! Comment your name and if you want dirty or clean , if you want clean then give me a storyline if you want dirty , then...
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    I love dis! Pls update I have read all of ur stories u r really good!
    Who Knew?
    Who Knew?
    Jaqueline Dester. Light brown hair that travels down to her petite waist. Big, green eyes that could mesmerise anyone who looked into them. The perfect shade of lightly tanned skin. Very pretty indeed....
  • Ilovedjmalik
    Omgg I LURV dis! Update !!!
    Asking for Directions (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    Asking for Directi...
    Clarisse Evelyn, or Clare, is stricken with a sudden gift! A mishap at her concert venue leaves her at the mercy of 5 boys. She blasts off in a whirlwind adventure with them on tour and discovers things...
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