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Hey everyone, just rejoined! I had a hit story called Inside but it somehow was deleted :( I will start writing a new one and hopefully you guys will like it! Leave comment on what you think about it! Thanks :D

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    mumbled "My new story!"

    Hey everyone, the first chapter of my new story 'Can you see me?' is now published. Please leave a like and comment what you think, it will help me out alot! I'll do chapter 2 tomorrow and if I get enough views/likes i'll keep going!

    Thanks everyone :D
  • iloveboobear99
    Thanks so much, I am writing the next part now, should be out by tomorrow.
    15 year old Lilah's world changed when she was young. Her father died saving her from a deadly kidnapper. But on her 16th birthday, something happens. Was she supposed to die on this day or did she get...
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