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My main account is on Quotev, just throwing it out there but lul movellas.

Hi! I'm a 14 year old girl who was brought, gladly, onto this big rock with manly SCOTS on the 18th of July.

I have nothing much to say, than, I'm just a normal girl! I'm not the most popular, or prettiest, or skinniest, I am an introverted shy person, But I love being me.

I'm really shy around people I don't know, especially boys. The only friends I have are girls. And I don't really spend much time with them, I prefer just being alone to be honest. I love being alone, which is a bit weird because one of my fears is being alone...It's kind of hard to explain xD. Whoa, got deep there! Let's not do that again!

I wear glasses but that doesn't make me a nerd. I have brown hair and green eyes, which everyone flipping thinks is brown <.<! Damn you people! -Shakes fists-.

I hate wearing dresses, skirts and make-up. And also I feel like at my age, people shouldn't be stressing about boys and getting flustered on what make-up to wear, I just want to enjoy life :).

I suck at maths... it's like they are repeating the ''YOU SHALL NOT PASS!'' scene from Lord of the Rings, everytime I do a maths exam.

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