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Hey penguins! I'm Kestrel, and I am actually a character in another story you can find on DeviantART! Just search for iKestrel, go on her profile, and there you'll see the story! Please support all her co-writers aswel! Thank you!

  • iKestrel
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    Name: Kestrel Summersong
    Age: 16
    Genre: Creepypasta
    Personality: Excitable, naïve, to the point. Pronr to embarrassing blurbs or statements.
    Appearance: Short, brunette, gteen eyes, light skin from sitting indoors writing.
    Pleasy please pleaasseeeeee could i be in the story?????!!!!
    We Will Fight
    We Will Fight
    In the year of 2023, The government has overtook the world and has forbid all creative books. J.K. Rowling, John Green, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and all other great authors have been imprisoned....
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    Oh wait! Country: South Africa!!! Sorry...^^"
    Who is bucky
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