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im a girl Oviously well for me
love school NOT
bonjour, jai deteste la franch et au reviour are the only french word ino.
im weird and kind of funny if i say so maself witch i normaly do (love 2 make people lagh)
ive got a passion 4 romace/ wearwolve books
i love calling people dodo heah 4 some reason (it always annoys them
im like da nicest person ever............................ if i like u
i get along with most people
love to creak joke (even if dey aint funny)
love to be mean at times for example wen i sed to some. Dont you need a liesence to be ugly and you went to the hunted how and they offered u a job.
sad aint it.
but pretty funny well for me.
ive got great sence of humor. trust me i laugh at the sillest oke for example when ma math teacher forted at school and he was like i quote "oh that was the chair upstair." he said look a little to emberrased which made it ovious.
imagine you math teacher. actualy no u shouldnt dont want any one to get scared while young.
so a few things a bout me.


weird :?
cant blame a girl's crush

  • icanb aprincess
    great storyy love it. by the way im the girl u saw at in the bus. the girl with the rastermouse hair. lol
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