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Hi there! ^_^ By the way i'm not allowed to show my name on Public.. I <3 Watt pad well i read a lot but i don't write a lot i have lot's of ideas but i'm too busy to write it or sometimes i'm too lazy & just waste my time on Facebook twitter or you-tube.. So yeah but i might write if i don't have something else to do i only write in wattpad http://www.wattpad.com/user/RawrinRawr14 i have 2 books well It's taglish if your interested just go to my account & .. blaahh.. i had lots of dreams you know like being a:

Director (even tho i'm a lazy writer)
Designer (i know i'm good at it )
Singer (even tho i sing horrible & don't know how to play instruments or write songs)
Actress (Well still finding out how to cry but i can act everything else except cry)
Baker (i like baking & also i love FOOOODDDSS!)

Well i achived one dream! Well Just one..

Being a BELIEBER! & Nothing else
Haven't met him well yea i saw him on his My world tour concert that's another dream came true ehh anyway..
Now BE MY FRIEND? Niggaa
#FeelinHyper XD

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