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    mumbled "All Alone"

    Thi is the story of 12 year old hypatia and her sister ciera and her brother matthew .. One day i woke Up nice in early but I lay in bed for a few hours listening to the birds chirp right by my window ... I don't now why but for some reason birds always mad me happy .. After a while I grew restless and got out of bed .. Streched and went downstairs .. but nobody was home .. The only person who was home was my little brother matthew and my little sister ciera .. but me and ciera are only 7 mounths apart .. My mom was gone And our dad has been in jail for the past 9 years .. I walk back into the room and throw A pillow at cieras head "Wake Up" Errrr She Groaned As She opened her Eyes "What Time Is It"? "8:30" I replied "uggh" Moms Not Here! ... What ? You heard me now come downstairs ... As ciera went downstairs I went into my little brother mattews room Whos 9 turning 10 on the 15th of november ... Hey matt time to get up ... Ok he said gimme a minute .. Ok I said And I Go downstairs to find My Sister ... Hey ciera do you want cearl .. or toast. Or something .. "Cearls fine." Okayy ... I pour 3 Bowls Of cearl assuing matthew wants cearl . .. Ciera Do you Want orange juice with that? .. Sure .. Okay .. I walk over to where shes sitting in the living room and I place her bowl of cearl and a nice big glass of orange juice on the cofee table in front of her .. here you Are I say cheerfully... thanks she says and smiles .. Matt just eats his walking around ... because if you know him he's just that weird.. After they finished i got there dishes and placced them in the sink to be washed ... Hey do you guys Wanna watch a movie ? I ask .. Sure thwy both say in unicine .. Whic movie shall we Watch .. I think a christmas movie says ciera .. hmmm I say i like that ideaa how about you matt ..Ok he said tiredly.. We could watch fred clause ... i get up and get the DVD form the case sitting on the book shelf and put it in the DVD player connected to the large Television that hangs from our living room wall A bunch of boring Ads came up .. so I said be right back you guys and got up to go pee When I came back matt Was sound asleep and ciera was so content in the movie I didn't Feel like bothering them so i went to go Do the dishes .. There were only a few because my mother had done them the night before... Speking of my mother where. was my mother to be honest i don't think any of us knew or could imagine where she was After about 20 minuites I said hey ciera do you know where mom is or sid she tell you that she was going anywhere.. No i haven't seen her since last night .. Oh okay then I was just making sure... .. Ummm hey can I talk to you over here for a sec .. . Do you wanna run away .. ? We could start all Over and never have to deal with anyones bull shit .. YES! she said so excited almost as if she coulden't believe what I was saying ... Okay lets packk .. We packed toilet paper And tooth brushes And blankets And soem clothers for all of us .. We even packed snacks and a couple hundered dollars we found in my moms purse which sat open on the counter I woke up matthew and told him .. he was actually okay with the idea which we both found pretty suprizing . We looked out the door to make sure that the coast was clear And we set off we started walking towards downtown .. It was really busy out all you saw were cars everywhere ... When we got downtown we took a left it looked like a more quiet part of town where not a lot of people went so thats why we decided to go that way ..

    Chapter 2 comming soon! xoxo -Hypatiaaaa
  • Hypatiaaa ;D

    mumbled "Bullied to death chapter 7 The final chapter"

    Ciera greg And Ashley All Sat On the living room floor sobbing ... Ashley got A rag And Soaked up Most of the blood Ciera Found A box down in destiny's Basement That would be big enough to fit her inside .. Together they picked up the body .. And put it in the box and took it out back and buried it.. You can never ever ever tell anyone of this do you understand gre .. Yes :'( ... We loved youu destiny As they Lay flowers on the giant spot of dirt..... They Went inside.. Whats going to happen to me greg asked...Well come over every morning and night to make sure your ok they said .. Okay greg Said I Love you gues :'( ... Heyyyy guyss thanks for readinng my story Hope you enjoyed it and let this be a lesson.. Stop bullying because it does affect people as you can see... Thankdd xoxo -Hypatiaaaaaa
  • Hypatiaaa ;D

    mumbled "Chapter 6 "

    As I slowed My run down to a walk I realized how much trouble I would be in if i went back EVERYONE HATES ME! I screamed as I ran down te long seemingly endless road .. Tears streames down my Face .. JUST KILL ME ! .. I don't see why .. As destiny got to her door she flung it open and went into the kitchen forgetting and not caring to close the kitchen door .. She grabbed A blade and wet into the bathroom she sat on the ground and cut her wrist ... Before you knew it she was dead.. She bled to death . She thought nobody cared ... She thought She wasen't Loved .. She was wrong .. People Loed her .. They loved her so much .... Later that afternnon Ashley and ciera came running up to her house .. they knew something was wrong as soon as thy noticed the door was left open ... "Destiny ?" They called "hello"? They went to the kitchen and saw that the drawer was Open .. Hello Destiny ..? There was no Answer .. the only thing they heard was the echo of there own voices .. DESTINY WHERE ARE YOU?! they said As they chocked up .. they knew something awful had happened to her.. They run up the stairs And into her room .. DESTINY THIS ISEN"T FUNNY ,, WHERE ARE YOU? . They Came back downstairs and opened the bathroom door ... They saw there bestfriend laying there in a ppol of blood NOOO ! DESTINY ! NOO ! THEY BOTH WERE ON THERE KNEES NEXT TO THE DEAD BODY SOBBIN NOO -OO I LOVED YOU <3 IM SORRY COME BACK ! They saw the blade then looked at the gash in her wrist .. "Destiny please come backk ! Ciera said As she put her head on destinys stomache .. Ashley ow Are we going to tell this to greg... ???? ohh I forgot i was in shock ... We'll Figure it out .. They sat on Destinys couch crying together for the next three hours until greg came home ...WHATS WRONG GUYS
    he said in his excited entergetic voice ..Your Si-sters .. Gone Greg... What do you mean ... Go In the bathroom said ciera.... NOOOOOO !!!! NOT SISSY NO NO NO SISSY COME BACK SISSY!
  • Hypatiaaa ;D

    mumbled "Bullied to Death Chapter 5"

    As I pulled myself out of bed that chilly december morning I grabbed my bathrobe and went downstairs .. My brother ws already awake ... I found this strange considering it was 5 in the morning ... Greg? I say in a confused tired voice .. YES! he replies full of excitment ... "What are you doing up This early?" I Ask ,.... 'Oh Notin Just Playin video games' he replies With Excitment still in his voice I go into the fridge and pull out a loaf of bread and take the first 2 slices and put them in the toaster ... In a minuite or so they pop out ... One for me and one for greg .. I would have two but we only have so much bread and I don't know how long it's going to be before we have money to go shopping again .. So to make the bread last we each get one peice of toast with jelly .. .. Jelly was so expensive now of days we rarley ever have it .. My mom spends all of the money se gets on new nick nacks And furniture for the house.. .She says a good looking house means everything but in my defense i need to eat .. so .. We always argue with her about that .. I ran upstaris quickly and put on some jeans and a sweater and headed out the door .. Ciera and ashley were waiting for me on my porch and when i got outside they looked upset and egar to tell me something ,... "what's Wrong " I Aks ... "have you been On facebook recently"? Ahley asks ... "No" I Reply "Why"? "You should see this" she says and holds her Iphone in front of my face ... "Why did I have to see This" .. I ask ... Because justn posted on your wall saying how your aneroxic .. What else is new I ask . Thats what eveyone does ... We walked to school and when we got to school we waved goodbye as we all spilt up into different directions In the Hall I Was stopped .. Hey Bitch What's Up ? .. I ignored the kid and tried to walk around him ... But he smacks my books Out Of my hand . And my papers scatter all around the hall "I SAID WHAT"S UP" ... Nothing I Mumble as i'm trying to collect my things hoping he'll leave.. That's more like it .. Now go to class aneroxic .. I Walk into class and take my seatt ... Hey .. Hey Hey .. Hey You... WHAT! i snap As I Swing Around .. YOUR AN ASSHOLE ! .. I Leave my stuff where it is ,, And walk out of the room down the hallway And out the front door ... I start sprinting .. Until I get halfway .. Down The street.. I'm Safe .. Phew .... Chapter 6 Comming soooonnnn <3 -hypatiaa
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    mumbled "Bullied To Death Chater 4"

    A chill ran down Destinys spin as the cold winter air touched her skin as they were walking home .. As they were walking they passed a river .. They saw A eautifu bird sitting on a rock In the river.. so Ashley climbed down all the rocks and molch to get to the river .. And of course me and ciera followed ... We were standing on rocks in the middle of the river And playing around.. After A while we climbed back up the rocks and molch it started snowing When we got back to the top we all started running soon enough we got to cieras turn where she turned to go home .. We waved her goodbye and off she went .. me and ashley raced eacother home . And of course she got there first because Destiny's a horrible runner .. When destiny got insde she threw her stuff down by the door and called 'Hello'? but like usual there was no answer .. Her brother greg ddn't get home until later that afternoon And she didn't know where her mom was or when she was comming home and to be honest she didnt care her mom was a mean anyway .. She opened the cupboard and pulled out her medication and layed them out on the counter She grabbed a bottle f water and took them all then sat down on her couch and turned the television on to the weather... Destiny always loved the weather .. She never understood why she just found it relaxing destiny Lay there in her nice warm cottage on her leathr couch atching the weather alone that one december afternoon and drifted into a happy sleep It wasen't to often she went to bed happy so when she did she wasen't about to stop herself ... Ahh she thought it's such a great feeling to sleep .. I can just be alone with my thoughts and nobody in the world can stop me from thinking .. i can think anything I want and nobody will ever find out .. And Destiny drifted into a deep sleep.. She woke up 20 minutes later And sat with her brother at the kichen table And helped greg With his homework..... By this time it was 5pm So she decided to at least seem concerned so she called her mom but it went straight to voice mail .. . She made spagetti for dinner and placed it on the table for her and her brother .. They ate quickly And destiny cleared the table and ut all the dishes in the sink .. 'Hey dess Where's Mom '? greg asked ' I don't Know greg' .. Go put your Pj's On and get To bed ..'Okay'. greg replied .. .. Destiny Put in a movie and sat on the couch for a few hours .. At About 10 She turned off the televison And Shut off all the lights downstairs Locked the door and went upstairs .. She went in her brothers room And checked on him ... He was sound asleep .. She went in her room and just put on a black pair of shirts that she found somewhere in the corner of her room and ot under the covers abd flicked off her lamp she fell straight to sleep . She ust have been tired form that day ... Although she was tired almost everyday .. The next day she woke up the same way she did almost everyday to the loud annoying BEEP BEEP BEEP Of her alarm .. Chapterr 5 soon to come ... Hope you enjoy xoxoxo -hypatiaaa
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