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    Dear everyone who has read this:
    I forgot the password to this account and thus cannot continue with this story. I am very sorry to all of you. -NoNameChild
    I wish he was mine
    I wish he was mine
    I couldn't help it... I know he is dating her but I... I love him. I love Pewdiepie.
  • Hyenacraft_663
    It's really good! Please continue, I love FNAF fanfics
    5 Nights At Freddy's
    5 Nights At Freddy...
    Will the new security guard be ready for her new job..? -I DON'T OWN FNAF!!! I ONLY OWN MY CHARACTERS- Lux desperately needs money, food, and a home she just got fired and her boyfriend just broke up...
    Golden Freddy (female)
    Yay And i love FNAF Fanfics to plz tell mesh if ya think who said the last sentince ( the one wit " ")
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