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Hey! I'm Hyacinthia Phoenix and I usually use this site for competitions and reading other peoples work, because I have a fictionpress account and I usually post on that. HOWEVER never fear because sometimes I feel like posting my stuff everywhere because its just that amazing (I am not arrogant AT ALL :P )

Anyway: if you want me to read your stuff I definately will- AND I hope you enjoy my work (if I ever post anything :| )

  • PhHyacinthia
    Continuously trying to escape is probably what I would do, but that way the abductor is more likely to kill you either because you're a nuisance or by accident (trying to stop you). So I might be vaguely annoying, cynical, and sarcastic to get on their nerves, and hope that they decide to leave me by the side of the road after a few hours.
  • PhHyacinthia
    HEEEY! Nice start (it is a start right?) lovin' the storyline!

    Just wanna say some sentances are SUPER long and you might want to consider chopping them down OR using the power of a semi-colon (seriously they're great). But sentance variety is always key, as my english teacher keeps telling me
    The Assassin's Hunt
    The Assassin's Hun...
    Danika is an Assassin in the city of Nether Valley waiting for her next mission in an overcrowded tavern . Never having met her Boss, she still needs the mission and the money it brings. Many have complimented...
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