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I am not the most determined writer in the world. I don't try to stick to one story. My problem is that I think my writing is rubbish. I delete it, I rip it out. I'm getting better now though, I save all my work into an ideas folder. Writer's Block? I just go there and fiddle with the abadoned work. Bad approach, but I start to get back to my original story. Read my first Movella, Hunted and tell me what you think. I hate parent's and teachers saying "Oh, you've done it again! Well done, carry on." cos they always say that. So I'm on here for good constructive criticism.

  • Hunting Wolf
    Brilliant. I'm a huge fan of THG, and ususally I don't like different versions and stories, but this is really good. I've always wanted to know Gale's viewpoint.
    Gale (Two Weeks in Panem)
    Gale (Two Weeks...
    For the Two Weeks in Panem competition. :) Please leave comments and feedback. (Placed joint second :) )
    5 years ago
    Thanks! I don't generally like other characters' takes on things, but I read My Name is Effie by Constafani and changed my mind. :)
  • Hunting Wolf
    I love it, haven't read everything yet, but 1st chapter has the emotions perfect. Often, some people over do it, but you have got just how it is supposed to be. Well Done
    The Cold
    The Cold
    If Tom is to get what he wants, he must first figure out who 'he' really is, and what it is that he's been looking for.
    5 years ago
    I've been worrying about the emotions in that first chapter, and suspecting I'd 'overdone' it - so that's a very welcome and reassuring comment - thanks!
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