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  • HufflepuffChick
    I like this book! It's nice to read about harry and Ginny, especially the fact you keep writing after the battle of hogwarts! Good job! :)
    He's The Only One
    He's The Only One
    Ginny falls for Harry when she's just 10 years old, but how does this develop throughout Hogwarts, and beyond? *I'm aware that Harry and Ron never returned to Hogwarts after the battle, but for the...
  • HufflepuffChick
    This is interesting! Can't wait for more.
    The Slytherin That Never Was
    The Slytherin That...
    On the night of the 31st of October 1979, in the hands of Albus Dumbledore is a baby orphan. The baby orphan girl, by the name of Hermione, left Dumbledore stumped. He couldn't just unceremoniously dump...
    3 years ago
    Thank you ^.^ xx
  • HufflepuffChick
    Why would you need suggestions for names? Shouldn't you just use the ones from the books??
    Marriage Law: Harry and Ginny
    Marriage Law: Harr...
    My take on the Marriage Law :) When Harry and Ginny discover that they have been paired for the new Marriage Law, they are ecstatic. But now their task is to raise a family... how will they cope throughout...
    3 years ago
    That's a good point, I was originally going to but then I decided to just make up their kids for myself in this story, I just felt like giving it a go :)
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