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Hey. I'm new to movellas and I'm just a crazy fangirl who likes to write! I am also a writer on www.wattpad.com same username plz check out my stories I wrote there! If you folow me I will folow you back ! and if you folow me you are my BFF/homie.
I play the guitar the piano and the clarinet
I am a huge Taylor Swift fan
I am draw very good
I dance contemporary dance
I like cats
I'm 100% fandom trash
I have a twin sister
I'm a huge fan girl
I have a lot of fandoms
that's it about me guys! XD

  • huanserlynagurl

    mumbled "Lady Midnight "

    I just read the end of Lady midnight and I am freaking out that Clary did not say yes to Jace's proposal!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Clace must be a thing!!!
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