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    Wow. This so ruined Disney for me. ��
    Once Upon A Time... Everybody Died
    Once Upon A Time.....
    The fairy tale stories we heard as children are held close to our hearts as we grow older. But, there are so many ways this story could have gone wrong. What if one choice the princesses made cost them...
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    Truth or Dare-Hunger Games
    Truth or Dare-Hung...
    The 1st Annual Truth or Dare Games!! (lol jk this isn't going to be a year round thing) All of the main characters from the Hunger Games has been selected to participate in this game. (How ironic) Enjoy!
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    Name: Sarah Rose Blackwood (everyone calls her Sarah Rose) Year/Age: Year 1/11 years old House: Like Sirius, all of her family members have been put into Slytherin, and are all deeply devoted to Voldemort. Her family has been a dark family for centuries. To their surprise, she's put in Ravenclaw. Sarah keeps her family a secret, though. As far as anyone knows, there all oddballs like her! Wand: 10 3/4 inches, hazel, unicorn tail hair, very flimsy. Features: Has all of her family's dark (almost black) brown wavy hair (Sarah has long hair), inherited her mother's dark blue eyes (the rest of her family has green eyes), pale, white as snow skin (from her mother) and not a single freckle. Personality: Sarah never had an interest in the dark arts, she was always reading, wondering, talking to herself. Her mother was the only one who didn't think she was a disgrace. The ultimate breakthrough was if Sarah got into Slytherin, her family would praise her, if not, she failed them. So, she failed them. Sarah was very shy, and quite odd. She only spoke in rhymes. She was an Animagus too, who could turn into a black cat. She favored Transfiguration. Lastly, Family: the Blackwoods. Relationship: everyone thought she was too odd and ignored her. She did the same to them. Surprisingly, Neville had a crush on her, though. Friends: no one but Neville pretty much. And Luna. An interesting about her family is that's he is related to Salazar Slytherin. Her great-great-great grandfather was, but changed his last name to Blackwood. It would mean a lot of you put my character in. I �� your novellas. This is getting really long. I'm gonna stop now!! ��
    The Heir of All ---- Harry Potter RP
    The Heir of All...
    Katniss isn't like the other witches and wizards at Hogwarts. She has more value for all four houses. Things start to get out of hand when she has the sorting hat on her head. Enjoy!! If you choose...
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    Woah! Twist! Awesome update! ����������������
    What if James never fell in love with Lily Evans? What if she was with Severus Snape? What if she had a twin? What if James loved her? But what if she was with his best mate the player Sirius Black? What...
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