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    that was an amazing movella! but whos the dad?
    Don't Tell Anyone (1D)
    Don't Tell Anyone...
    Suggested rating 13+ for sexual references. Clarissa hates One Direction. So it's just tough luck when the band become bankrupt and have to stay round her house for a few weeks. But that's not all. The...
  • hot_bieber94
    wow thats the best story ive ever read! i spent idk how many hours reading it!!! please update!!!!
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** *The complete version of this story is on,...
  • hot_bieber94
    wow. literally you are a hero to people. after reading that i now look up to you. you are my inspiration. maybe music can help me. thank you for sharing your story. its amazing what youve been through and i hope you still stay strong!
    My Confession
    My Confession
    For a long time I've wanted to break through my shell. Maybe even tell the rest of the world what's really been going on. Thank the people I've always wanted to thank, and look back at it all and be...
    5 years ago
    Honestly I try my very best to get through every day. It's tough and that is not a secret. I try to smile, I try to be happy. But I still break down and cry, but I have the most amazing support ever and I can't believe what I've been through and how far I've gotten just over the past months :-)
    I hope the music will guide you, just like I've been guided! Stay Strong! or feel more than free to hit me up on the social media's if you need someone to talk to.
  • hot_bieber94
    Dirty JB story
    Dirty JB story
    A story about a 17 years old teenager girl who go to a party and meet justin bieber for a dirty night. What will happend after this hot night? Why is Justin like that? Read and comment for more<3
  • hot_bieber94
    How I killed Michelle
    How I killed Miche...
    A 78 year old's story of how she killed her best friend when she was fourteen and got away with it. Also a bit of a romance.
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