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    Hey! Im Bailey, but i hate my name, i prefer my middle name, Angela, but you can all call me Angie. :) Im 12 years old, my birthday is 7/10/2000. I Love animals, mostly horses! I live in the USA and im really shy when im not comfortable around people, once im comfortable around you ill be crazy. It just takes a while. XD I have four brothers and five sisters and when i grow up i wanna be a famous horse rider or a kids nurse(I dunno what thats called XD) and i usually write my stories in my note books! I dont have many friends. It doesnt bother me! Im more independent! I love being alone because i can be my crazy self and no one judges me. My favorite sea animal is te dolphin and my favorite land animal is the horse. I love all animals but those two are my favorites of all time. I love cartoons and im not the flirty type. Im more shy then talkative. I have a really big crush on Hunter Johnson. He has goreous blue eyes and blonde hair, but hey, no one can match niall's blue eyes and blonde hair! I love one direction, but to be honest, i love country music way more. My favorite 1D song is Gotta Be You, my favorite country song is Fake ID. :) Well, gotta dance! -Angie
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    Ooh im in love with it already! Update soon! No pressure! <3 :)
    Something To Remember<3
    Something To Remem...
    I am running as fast as I can, trying to get away. I pass out on a bench. I wake up so 5 harmless looking boys staring at me. They turn out to be One Direction. Who will fall for me? But the most important...
    Justin Bieberr
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    ok. ill update tomorrow:)
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    Thats really good! I liked it! Wait, scratch that. I LOVE it! Your really good! Keep it up! :)
    Emerald Wings
    Emerald Wings
    My entry for the poetry competition. It's my first competition, so please like it and leave comments, i really appreciate it :) Thanx!
    Wow, thanx! :)
    6 years ago
    Your welcome,love! :)
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    I love it, dont keep me waaaiiiitttiiing! :( The suspence is killing me! Lol, PS, your a REALLY good writer! :)
    I'll Look After You (Sequel To Little Malik)
    I'll Look After...
    Sequel to Little Malik, so urrm yeah, read it?
    6 years ago
    aw thank you:) in the middle of writing the first chapter now:)x
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