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    I can't read it :(
    Best Friends or More?
    Best Friends or...
    Nicky and Ryder were the best of friend since they were 5 it all change sophomore year when Ryder and Nicky grew into their looks and decided to loose their virginity to each other. Soon they become friends...
  • forever.bre
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    I can't find it on Wattpad
    Jeff The Killer ~The Love I Have For You~
    Jeff The Killer...
    I was a normal girl until he showed up. I wanted to sleep but i couldnt. Now all I think about is how the blade that he touched onto my neck didn't kill me. I think I was falling in love... with a killer
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    Update please!!!! ��
    Just a dream
    Just a dream
    Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way
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    My Bestfriend ask me out and we are dating now but we go to different schools. He already cheated on me once but I really care about him so much that I stayed with him. He's not cheating, but I don't know how to see him. :( I literally almost started crying in the halls during passing period because I miss him. Plus we come from to different worlds, he's rich and I'm middle class. He knows and have privileges to probably do so many things, but that's hard for me cause there's family problems. I clean for money and I don't know what he does? He goes into contests.... :( my main questions are HOW CAN I SEE HIM? AM I GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIS KIND OF CLASS? I can't ask my Bestfriend this because she just gives me the positive answer any other (probably) best friend would want to hear.....PS LOVE THIS BOOK YOUR AMAZING
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    Txmblr Queen Β» Txm...
    Life hacks, DIYs, How To's, boy tips & more.
    @[adriniall] True, rich or poor doesn't matter, but some people deserve a second chance depending on what they did, but it honestly depends on how you feel about that person
    4 years ago
    Y'all are right...maybe I'm just over thinking this and like you said, opposites attract...plus he wanted to enter a "motocross" for me?
    4 years ago
    You were right, he was still cheating on me, congrats
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