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"we've got no brains. why are we starting to fight each other? it's just what the big shots want to see. that we're street trash, street rats with no brains. no respect for nothing, including ourselves. so, here's how it is : if we don't act together, then we're nothing. if we don't stick together, we're nothing. and if we can't even trust each other, we're nothing. so, what's it going to be?" -- jack kelly, newsies, 1992.

  • WriterMan
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    SORRY, BUT I'M DELETING YOU FROM MY LIFE! *clickz delete* LOADING...###### 99% ..................ERROR! It is impossible to delete our friendship. You mean so much to me! [Post this to 10 people's walls who you never want to lose. If you get 3 back, you're an amazing person
  • Mirlotta

    mumbled "600 fans :) (Yay!!)"

    2 months agoReply
    For some reason, I've ended up with 600 brilliant (don't you just love that word, @Ahlaam Nightshade XD) people who have decided to become a fan of me, and my work. Thank you all of you for making my movellas journey so awesome. :D

    In particular, I'd like to thank the following people (omg I feel like I'm giving a speech at the BAFTAs or something) . Not all of you come on anymore, but I feel like I owe it to you to mention you. :

    The TOD group:
    @[TorTia Goldlight]
    @[Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight]
    @[Pocky_Jr ☕️]

    People I've known since I first joined movellas:
    @[Mina Rowen ☕]
    @[Crazy Nutter Oakenshield]
    @[E.H.Weaver Nightshade]
    @[Lily Anna Nightshade]
    @[Hopeless Wanderer]
    @[Little Lotte]
    @[Tasha Muaah]

    To @[River_Summers ☕️] and @[*~Starble~*] for being frantically dramatic, and to @[Ahlaam Nightshade] for being a brilliantly brilliant lizard lady from the dawn of time.

    To @[Chloe_123_x] and @[Tomato.] for the endless TMI conversations, and to @[Little Lotte] for being as obsessed with Phantom as I am.

    To @[A Chemical Reactioń ����] , @[Lia is a cookie] , @[Tomato.] , @[River_Summers ☕️] , @[Prodigy] and more for doing numerous feedback swaps with me.

    To @[��American Imperfection��] , @[A Chemical Reactioń ����] , and @[Jennifer Rowling] for the constant creepy gifs that spam my feed.

    To my amazing irl friends @[MahoganyPumpkin™] and @[HeartTaunter] .

    To all the Shadownights, my movellas family.

    To @[LittleRedRobyn] , @[Tomato.] , @[Sparrow3183] , and @[Lilrattaz] who all agree that Benedict Cumberbatch is a better actor than Hugh Jackman most wholeheartedly.

    Argh, this list is getting long! Okay, so to everybody I haven't mentioned yet, but need to mention, thank you also:
    @[E.M. Marmet]
    @[Antiquity Vaircome]
    @[Skylar Redwood Black ]
    @[raiarna m. the potterhead]
    @[Megites Nightshade]
    @[C.H. Potter]
    @[Danielle Paige]

    I know I've missed a lot of people, but this is just off the top of my head, and I sincerely apologise if you know you should be on this list but aren't.

    To commemorate 600 fans, I'll be creating a movella called HYPE, which is about as unoriginal as you can get, but should hopefully be a lot of fun. :)
    HYPEThis is more than a magazine.

    Thank you again. Movellas would never be the same without any of you! :D
    - Myrah :)
    Crazy Nutter Oakenshield
    * even though
    Damn! I just ruined it.
    :D :D
    1 months ago
    :D :D :D
  • Ripley

    mumbled "Scratch That. It's #wondergeek"

    2 months agoReply

    Okay, I feel a little bit of regret - but not much. :3
    Forget that other mumble. Now it's #wondergeek
    GO! GO! GO!

    @[Rodrigo.R.R Goldlight] @[FunSizedAsian] @[Mirlotta] @[Ahlaam Nightshade] @[Torissa Nikole] @Prodigy @[WritingForTheShire234] @[Author_Of_The_Unfinished] @[TheNerdWriter]
    @[❀♥Gℓα¢ιєя I¢є คlเєlเค ♥❀]
    @[Alena Rogers]
    @[A Child of Madness]
    @[A Chemical Reaction] @[Lilrattaz] @[Spacepidgeon] @[Love2write] @[Tomato.]
    @[B@thr00m $!nger]
    @[Tricky M.B.]
    @[Cambie <3's You]
    @[Rebecca Clearwater]
    @[Biscuits and Discontent] @[TheTravellingLemon]
    @[ThatFanficWriter] @[p.urelyskinxo] @[aqua711 ♪♫]
    @[Hopeless Wanderer]

    I love you!
    2 months ago
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    QuEeN GlACieR IcE
    2 months ago
    2 months ago
    Wait, I missed the whole convo before...why are we doing this again?! xD

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