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If you use your words as a weapon, then as a weapon I'll shed no tears.

welcome to my page, writers. i wish you luck on the site. if you have any questions, you can always come to me as I am an ambassador.

i have some social media, so you all can always check me out there.

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thank you to everyone for always giving me virtual hugs without even knowing it. some of you just have a natural talent of brightening someone's day.

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    Checking In :)

    I haven't mumbled in ages. I finished my English homework, so now I'm sitting on my bed, jamming to New Politics and The 1975. Ooh, Paramore just came on iTunes Radio. Yay.

    Hi. How are you guys doing?
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    Ban Bossy.

    When males are in charge of things, it's tolerated. It's perfectly fine. When females try to take charge, it's called bossy. It's not tolerated at all. Most women are so afraid of being in charge because they'll be ridiculed for it.

    Recently, I got to listen to Sheryl Sandberg speak. She's such an inspiring woman, and she is the COO of Facebook. She is all for the empowering of women. She's starting a project, and I've seen it all over headlines of newspapers.

    Ban Bossy.

    They are trying to ban the word bossy, for women. Men are never called bossy when they take charge of situations. Gender equality, people!

    Have you all heard about Malala? I'm sure you have. She stood up for herself and all of the women in her community, because SHE believed that women should have rights. They should have the things that men do. She could have been killed, and she risked that by standing up for women. THAT, my fellow people, is bravery. Pure bravery, and courage.

    So what can you do? Spread the word. Mumble on Movellas. Tweet about it on Twitter. Post about it on Tumblr. Post about it on Facebook. Post about it on Instagram. Text and call your friends. Bring it up at the dinner table with your family. Tell your school. Tell everyone you know that this is the time where women need their rights.

    We deserve our rights, and are we just going to stand by and wait for it?

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    Anyone Else For Interviewing?

    Just checking over to see if there's anyone else who wants to be interviewed! Just comment if you're interested :)
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    EM: I will if you'd like me to, and it'll be up soon don't worry!

    TravellingLemon: Awesome! Would you like to email me or make a movella for us to chat? By the way, I've heard much about you and your creative username :)
    Hello, you had left an comment asking me for an interview? I am interested, but please bear on mind that I am in mock week. So it will take me time.
    F.J Morgan
    SO sorry i didn't reply sooner, so I'll give you my e-mail. This is my movellas one: JemilyWilson@mailinator.com
    Literate LiaAmbass..
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    Does anyone want to be interviewed?

    Hi, so I have an interview book now going underway. I have one problem, I have no one to interview. So, if anyone would like to be interviewed and have it published in that book, please please comment below! And spread the word :) thank youuuu!
     Ahlaam Nightshade
    Okay, that's fine! Yep, we're going back to school tomorrow. *cries* If you prefer to talk to me through movellas, I don't mind. Whatever suits you best. :)
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Good :) Ah, I'm sorry. It's okay, I made a special email just for this so it's alright :)
    Lucie Howe
    I just sent an email to you hope thats ok :D
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Thanks Lucie :)
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    Marilyn. Enough said.

    "I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell can't handle me at my best." -- Marilyn Monroe, a very inspiring woman (at least in my opinion.)

    How have you guys been? I feel like I haven't actually talked to any of you in forever...although none of you ever really answer to my mumbles...oh well. Hi.
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Hm. Sometimes, I wish I lived there so I could know who you're talking about. Sorry for me being all confused. I'll google him after I type my response.
    I know, right? I usually only get 4ish hours of sleep, if that. I like naps though. I can't believe I didn't like sleep as a kid. Sleep is the equivalent of heaven.
    Haha! Don't worry about it. I wish I was because it's rainy all the time and there are never any tornadoes. I would like that in my life. Easter holidays? How long are those? We don't have Easter holiday, we have Easter on a Sunday and school on the following day. We don't have breaks too often, as there is a minimum amount of school days you have to have by law.
    I am looking forward to spring break though. I get to go see a friend in California and do some fun stuff there:) Are you doing anything over half term break?
     Ahlaam Nightshade
    It's okay. :) Michael Gove is the Secretary of Education and he wants to lengthen the school day 'til 6pm instead of 3pm, and wants to shorten the summer holidays to 4 weeks instead of 6, as well as loads of other horrible stuff. When I kill him, it's going to be slow and painful . . . *looks creepily into space* Let's just say it includes gouging his eyes out with scissors.
    I know! I love sleep, but used to hate it when I was little. I don't really take naps, I can't be bothered. XD
    Britain is the country of rain and cold. Seriously, it's like a sheet of water just falling down my window now.
     Ahlaam Nightshade
    (Sorry, clicked enter by mistake.)
    And the wind is really bad too. The Easter holidays are around about two/three weeks. We have a week off (half term) every six weeks (a term is 12-14 weeks, and there is three terms). That's why we don't have a long summer holiday.
    No, not really. Besides from sitting inside trying to shield myself from cold and planning how I'm going to kill Gove, nothing much. ;)
    Hopeless WandererAmbass..
    Wow, I'd be right there with you fighting for my short school day. Yours is only until three? Wow, you lucky duck. Mine lasts until 4pm and starts at 8am, but it varies throughout all schools. Shortening summer holidays?? Yeah, I'd be really upset. Our summer holiday is 3 months, though. Haha, you're so funny. I'd shift my head and look creepily in no specific direction, and then pull out my spear and be ready to fight. Haha.
    I don't know why I thought sleep was so horrible. I had no common sense when I was 4. Now, I take naps every chance I get! Haha. I'd really love that though. The climates here change all the time, and it varies throughout parts of the country. Here, it's either cold and dry, hot and dry, or hot and humid. Most of the time, it is not fun. I enjoy rain and cold, it soothes me. I'm weird, I know. haha.
    (It's okay, don't worry)
    We're having some pretty bad blizzards in the northern USA. We had a bit of snow a few weeks back and we had a day off from school.
    You guys have long breaks. I guess we have long breaks combined here, they're just a bit scattered. In most schools, they have quarters (4 parts of the school year) or semesters (the year is split in half). At my school, we have trimesters. Our year is split in three parts. We don't have any breaks in between trimesters. It's almost the end of the second trimester, so it's almost the last third of the year. YAY!
    Haha, still funny! Get a lot of blankets, then get a sketchpad and plan how you'll confront him and then claw his eyes out and rip open his ribcage. Just a few tips ;) haha, kidding. Not really. Kind of.
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